Animations showing Bardsey Island through time

These short videos provide a glimpse of how the homes and lives of those living on the island of Bardsey have changed from the Iron Age to the late 19th century
Artist's impression of St Mary's Abbey, Bardsey Island, circa 1400.  
Artists impression of Bardsey Island farming community circa 1890 AD.
The circular, rectangular and sub-rectangular foundations of several hut groups are visible on the uncultivated slopes of Mynydd Enlli. With little dating evidence for these particular sites, but with similar sites on the mainland largely dating from...
  There is a long history of Christianity on Bardsey, the earliest monastic community was founded by St Cadfan in the sixth century, and the island soon became a favoured burial place for the devout. The earliest contemporary reference is...
  By the time Thomas Pennant visited the island in 1770, the island was given over to croft style farming, and he describes “a fertile plain... well cultivated... productive of everything the mainland offers”. The evidence for...
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