Newport Rising, 1839

A collection of items relating to the Chartist insurrection at Newport in 1839.
At the quarterly meeting of the council held on 9 November 1836, John Frost was elected Mayor.
Entries in the burial register of St. Woolos Church, Newport, dated 1-10 November 1839. Included is an entry for ten men, names unknown, shot by a party of the 45th Regiment during the Chartist insurrection. It is noted that they were shot in front...
Calendar of Prisoners (Chartists) to be tried at the Special Commission at Monmouth, 10 December 1839, on charges relating to the Chartist uprising at Newport in November.
Calendar of Prisoners to be tried at the Michaelmas Quarter Sessions, Usk, 19 October 1840. Includes a reference to Wright Beatty who was to be tried for sedition, conspiracy and riot, relating to the Chartist uprising in Newport in November 1839.
This photograph shows the interior and staff of the county gaol at Montgomery. It was used to incarcerate lawbreakers from the county between 1832 and 1878. Some of those involved in the famous Chartist riots at Llanidloes in 1839 were held here.
A government notice issued in May 1839, offering a reward for the recapture of two local men involved in Chartist protests in Llanidloes. Shoemaker Lewis Humphreys 'of dark, forbidding countenance' was recaptured and later transported to Australia. The...
The examination of William Davies, at the trial of the Chartist leaders, following the Rising at Newport, November 1839. William Davies was a shopkeeper's son from Blackwood. He had been a member of the local Chartist lodge since May 1839, and had...
This volume presents the case against the prisoners accused of taking part in the Chartist Rising at Newport, November 1839. This page contains the index to the following pages. It lists the names of the prisoners and the witnesses and notes on which...
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